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Gonna Watch Waiting For Superman? Make it a Win-Win-Win

The much hyped and anticipated movie about the US educational system, Waiting For Superman, opened nationwide about a week ago and has already sparked a lot of great conversations. If you haven't gone yet, go!

But before you buy your tickets, make it a Win-Win-Win experience by following the steps below:

Win #1

Purchase your $15 tickets at Fandango or MovieTickets.com and receive a $15 gift card to make a donation to the classroom of your choice via DonorsChoose.org.

Win #2

Go enjoy Waiting for Superman and know that 100% of your ticket price is going to teachers who need it the most.

Win #3

Donate your $15 to a very good teacher friend of ours who has a DonorsChoose page and is trying to raise money for her classroom. She's beyond an amazing teacher and dedicated to making all her kids amazing.

Bonus Win #4

Celebrate because YOU are amazing!


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