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Hindsight - 09/30/10 - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The saying "reduce, reuse, or recycle" is in that order for a reason. One should try and first reduce usage, then reuse it, and lastly recycle.

When it comes to paper consumption I'm probably 95% paper free. When others use paper, I opt not to or use a digital alternative.

I try in my daily life to reduce my usage of paper, but one place I'm surrendering my righteousness is the napkins flight attendants hand out with drinks. 

I've tried several times to say I don't need a napkin, but every time ends in a humorous "who's on first" scene with the attendant and the rest of my row confused as to why I don't just take the napkin. So I've surrendered and today on my flight to DEN, I quietly accepted the napkin from the attendant, placed it on my tray table, then handed it back to the attendant unused and she threw it away. 

Peace is once again established in the skies.


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