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The Entrepreneur's Chip


Entrepreneurs try to solve problems. Some hope to turn a profit in the process and others are content to leave money making out of the equation. Either way, they are still just trying to solve problems. But I've noticed that beyond the problem solving lies another, deeper, motivation. A motivation that drives entrepreneurs to want to successfully solve problems in the first place and put up with the daily stress and bipolar emotions of starting a business. 

The reasons seem to vary and I'm not going to claim to know even a small fraction of them. For some it's to prove something to someone, or overcoming a mental/physical handicap, or a traumatic life experience. Whatever the chip is, it's real and it drives them to keep going day to day. 

I've thought long about what my chip is, because it's not as clearly defined as others. While still evolving my thoughts on the subject, I think my chip is related to my family's blue collar farm life upbringing and thus far not being able to succeed past a blue collar lifestyle despite a plethora of great ideas. Proving I can be someone who can take an idea and make an impact on the world as big as the idea itself. 



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