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Hindsight - 09/24/10 - Room Setup

Today I worked with Howard Community College. It's our third year working with them. Every time I go back I remember the unique environment in which the training happens. It takes place in a large open area with people passing by on all sides. Kinda like a fishbowl without the walls (see image below).

My first year there I asked the advisor about the room and she said it is meant to build transparency into the programming so random people walking by can get interested and join in. Not the easiest place for a training, but makes sense to me. On my break this time out there, I dreamed up how it would be possible to build in some glass track walls that could move around and give the space some privacy while still allowing outsiders to walk by and get interested. Ya know, if the school happens to have an extra 50k sitting around :-).

Speakers have to deal with all kinds of setups. The worst set up I've ever had was in a cafeteria/game room with people eating and playing games and not specifically there for the training. It happened six years ago and I still remember it, that's how bad it was. On the other hand, I never remember the best ones because they become an incoscquestial variable and let me focus more on the training itself.


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