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Hindsight - 09/23/10 - Momentum

It's an exciting time at Red Rover, you can feel the momentum as all the pieces inch closer to each other. The team, the sales/marketing strategy, the development, the user support systems, the market, and the philosophy.

Today we held a town hall meeting with all the new team members. We walked through the back story of Red Rover, where we are now including guiding principles, and where we want to be in 12 months. It's fun. It's exciting. 

Kevin told the back story this time and it's fun for me to sit back and hear him walk through how all the pieces fit. To explain why we went from SuperCamp, to urban camps, to Dance Floor Theory, to tech training, to Red Rover. And throughout all of it, the vision stayed the same, and the mission of x+1 remained intact.


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