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Hindsight - 09/16/10 - Buffering Time

Today I was working on an excel doc that I should have just given to Megan, but I didn't. Afterwards I felt like I do when I eat a greasy pizza or candy bar. I know I shouldn't do it, but I did it anyways and I get a 'blah' feeling in my stomach. I used to not get this feeling with such tasks, but rather would get a sense of accomplishment, so I see it as actually a good thing.

I'm learning that working at the executive level is about buffering your time as much as possible to focus on only the work that is in either the entrepreneurial level of "High Urgency, High Importance" or  "Low Urgency, High Importance" boxes. The kind of tasks that have you working on your business verses in your business. Working on the excel doc is an example of working in the business, building out a marketing strategy is an example of working on the business.

The game then is to protect your boundaries for as long as you can throughout the day because various tasks, often found in the "High Urgency, Low Importance" box, will try and squeeze time out of you that isn't in either of the boxes listed above. Even though a task may only take a moment or so to do, it still forces your mind to shift away from the really important work just long enough for you to loose focus, and that costs you.


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