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Hindsight - 09/13/10 - Head First

While speaking at UMSL, I got the chance to hear another speaking go after me. He spoke on Ethics, Character, and Integrity. He did a wonderful job at weaving stories throughout his speech to make each point and keep the audience engaged the full 90 minutes. (Side Note - I want to keep getting better at story telling as it's such an amazing tool to be good at.)

One story he shared was about how Lacrosse players will dive head first when a ball goes out of bounds because the rule is the stick closest to the ball gets to bring it back in. He then asked the room to think about when was the last time you dove head first for something you wanted? Most people had to think pretty far back in life, even all the way back to childhood. It got me thinking about my answer to the question and I would say my two times were falling in love with Annie (literally saying "I Love You" on New Years in Berlin, Germany with fireworks falling all around us), and giving my all to Red Rover (while speaking under Swift Kick was a surefire income).

I tend to be a level headed person, so the idea of diving head first into something goes against my logic, but so far in life, when I've given my all to something, I've come away happier than before. 


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