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Hindsight 09/11/10 - Attitude

Doing a training in the morning is always tough, doing a training in the morning on a Saturday is even tougher.  That was my set up for 100 student leaders from UMSL this morning. 

Dance Floor Theory is a well tested kick ass program, so it has a base line level of success with just about any crowd, any day, any time. But some programs just kick more ass than others, and I've realized it has to do a lot with the attitude of the participants. 

Today while setting up, I over heard one of the student leaders, Aleshia Patterson, in the front row talking to her friend. Her friend was saying how tired he was and he didn't want to do a training at 8:30am. She then stopped him and said that was his choice. She said since she has to be here she's choosing to go in with a positive attitude and make the best of it because it will be way more fun that way. 

Whoa! It warmed my heart to hear a student talking like that at 8:30 in the morning. Sure enough the training ranked as one of the better ones and Aleshia was a rock star during it. She also helped get her friend to have a great time too. 

There's a saying in business, "hire for attitude, train for skill." Aleshia's attitude alone already sets her miles ahead of the rest of the applicant pool.


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