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Hindsight 09/08/10 - Consciously Being Through Blogging

For the past two weeks, I've been experimenting with publicly writing a daily "journal" entry on my blog. For four years in college, I kept a basic Word Doc journal because I felt like so much was happening every day and I wanted a record of the events and my emotions around the events. I've tried daily journaling on and off since then without much commitment, but so much is still happening every day. I want a record for me but I'm also sharing publicly this time as a record for others to see my ups and downs as a way to demystify what I'm doing and what I've done. An unexpected side effect of daily journaling, that I didn't notice in college, is I'm more consciously aware throughout the day. I don't want any moment to go by without processing it as it might lead to my daily journal of the day.

Side note - I do plan to crack open my college journal and start reposting the entries here, though I'm scared to know what my grammar was like back then :-/.


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