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Hindsight 09/07/10 - Tone of Voice

Everyday we hold a morning check in (The Daily) with the whole team at 10:15. Each person gets 3-4 minutes to outline what their day looks like as well as share a quick story (Tangent) about something, outside of work, that happened to them over the past 24 hours.

Today I noticed when I'm less confident about my tasks for the day, my voice becomes much duller and monotonous. When I'm more confidence about the work I'm doing, I'm more alive. In noticing this about me first, I listened to the rest of the team and noticed we all have similar voice inflections based on the confidence of our task list.

Maybe the dull voice gives us a scape goat so in case someone calls us out as to why we are doing X over Z, then we can say we weren't really interested in it in the first place.

Side Note - another bugs free night last night.!.


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