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Hindsight 09/03/10 - Emotional Intelligence

Tonight we planned to go watch Inception at the Chelsea Cinema where we had a special deal on tickets. Because we both enjoy walking, we scampered our way for two miles through East Village (saw Natalie Portman on a street corner) to make it to the movie on time.  After a great workout walking and talking, we made it to the theater just in time to pick up our tickets and get in the theater as the movie was starting. While waiting in line to pick up our tickets, I searched through my pockets only to discover I'd forgotten the paper for the special tickets at home. I triple checked all my pockets with no luck. Damn. By this time the movie was already 15 minutes in and it wasn't worth paying the full Manhattan movie ticket prices to only watch part of the movie.

We sat inside the theater for a bit to cool down and Annie was, as she should have been, annoyed by the fact we fast walked to the theater to make it on time, only to have me forget the tickets. And this wasn't the first time I've forgotten something, and probably won't be the last. I balance a lot of different things in my life, and some are bound to slip. As a counter, I have pretty good systems in place to help me, but it's not going to catch everything.

From here, I've seen other relationships blow up into a huge emotional deal with a lot of yelling and character attacking. Annie, on the other hand, has an amazing ability to experience the emotion internally, and then express it to me in such a way so to let me know how, and why, she is feeling without blowing up. Then gradually she moves past the emotion so we can still enjoy what is left of the night (like buying a huge molded hand at Fishs Eddy).

Annie's skill at feeling, expressing, and letting go of emotions is something I can't even begin to fully appreciate in words, but know it's one key to our relationship and something that continues to make me love her more each day.


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