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Hindsight 09/01/10 - Love My Work

From the Meetup last night to working on Red Rover strategy stuff today, I have to say I really love the game of business, the game of entrepreneurship, the game of problem solving. No day is ever the same and I'm continuously learning and with each new lesson I feel myself become more powerful to tackle the next hill. Thinking ahead 5, 10, 15 years is really exciting knowing how much I'm growing each day right now.

Buuut I say all that with massive risk still on the line with Red Rover. Massive amount of personal investment, time, and energy. That's the fun part :)

Side Note - Annie and I walked around East Village today. It's been a while since we've been able to due to schedules and the ridiculous NYC heat wave. In Chicago, we used to take epic 3-6 mile walks. I appreciate our walks not just for the exercise, but also as a chance for us to talk and connect without computers, phones, or other electronics. Lots of talking, walking and connecting. It's the equivalent to sharing a family meal together around the table. Here's to more walks and talks.


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