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Hindsight 09-06-10 - The Invasion

NYC is undergoing a massive bed bug invasion right now. Recently, our landlord posted warning signs for us to stay vigilant and alert them of any signs of bugs in the building. Four months in, and our apartment has only experienced two cockroaches and a collection of the usual random insects of a city, but no bed bugs.

Over the weekend, however, things changed. I walked into our bedroom to find a rice sized bug sitting above our door way on the wall. I grabbed a tissue, caught it and flushed it down the toilet. Three hours later, I found another, similar bug, crawling around. Putting two and two together, I googled images of bed bugs and...we've got em! 

I then spent another three hours learning everything I could about Cimex lectularius Linnaeus. Having lived with humans since ancient times, bed bugs are actually fascinating little buggers and worth reading about if you ever care to. They do survive off of mammal blood, feed only at dawn, travel up to 100 feet for food, reproduce like crazy, create a dirty mess of throw up, poop, and shedding, and live in or near beds, so I can see why people get grossed out.

My main mission in learning about them, was so I could destroy them! Being a holiday meant our landlord was gone till Monday, so we were on our own and there was no way I could enjoy my sleep knowing they might be there.

My war started with a full offensive of the bed room by scrubbing, cleaning, vacuuming, and washing EVERYTHING. I only found a couple more droppings so I googled again and learned that bed bugs, like Sarah Palin, are known for going rogue in exploration for food. Last night was our first full night, and day, with no signs of bugs, so I'm hoping I won the war!

I'd still like my landlord to drop an A-bomb on our place, but learned that the chemicals they use are so strong, we can't enter our place for four hours afterwards. They also need a positive id of a bed bug before they will do an A-bomb drop. I told them I flushed the bugs I saw down the toilet so I didn't have any proof. 

So now I'm torn. I really hope not to see any more than the two so I can say I won the war, but then I'm hoping maybe to see one more so I can capture it so my landlord will drop an A-bomb on our place, but then I'm going to feel like I lost the war. Torn indeed. 


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