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Hindsight - 08/31/10 - Entrepreneurs Roundtable

The Entrepreneurs Roundtable brings together one guest speaker who talks for a few minutes and then opens the mic to four startups to pitch their idea and receive feedback from both the guest speaker and the audience. This was my third time attending. I always gain value from the guest speaker and critiquing the various pitches, but the real value for me actually comes during the networking time before and after the scheduled events. I find myself honing in, and getting more comfortable, at pitching who we are, what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. It's surprisingly not easy to give a compelling elevator pitch. For us it probably stems from a mix of the complexity of the problem we set out to solve and our vague marketing strategy. I'm far from a home run pitch. It's more like a single right now because at least within a few sentences, I can get the other person interested enough to want to talk more. 

It's funny how I still get nervous though. After speaking so many times to audiences around the country, and even the world, you'd think I would be a master of coming up with something amazing on the spot and be great at delivery. Not true. The more experience points I have under my belt, the better I get at something though. Three down, plenty more to go...

Side Note - The guest speaker, John Frankel of ff Asset Management, talked about his excitement for a company they funded called Mogotix. Funny thing about Mogotix is its co-founder is Scott Thorpe, who was our main Red Rover developer for several years. Great to see good fortune come his way and John singing his praises all the way on the other side of the county.


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