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Hindsight 08/29/10 - Being an Uncle

Stay tuned Look below for photos of our newest art collection of enlarged naked body part images that Annie snagged from a Pittsburgh favorite: Construction Junction. Their motto, "Has Old Stuff."
We're winding down our time here in the Pitt and having spent the last two weekends playing with my niece and nephews in San Francisco and Pittsburgh, it's no lie, babies are A LOT of work. Being an Uncle is fun though. I get to pop in for a little while and play lots of games, but when it comes to diapers, crying, feeding, more diapers, more crying, bath time, feeding, and more diapers, the parents take over. I suspect they don't even realize how much more work they do because they are used to it, but it sure is a lot more work. I can easily see how people strongly consider not having babies.
On a final cuteness note - Evabelle fell asleep on me today while I was humming her a tune. Dopamine released :-)


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