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HIndsight 08/28/10 - Noah Love

My nephew, Noah, warmed up to me quickly today as we played with cars and planes. It reminded me of the countless hours me and my brother, Daniel, would stage elaborate action figure battles on our living room floor. Kids' imaginations are amazing. A car and a plane can turn into a 45 minute adventure.


At 2 1/2 Noah's very responsive to what you say and understands about 80% of it. Though there's still a bit of deciphering his slurred sentences.


Noah does seem a bit confused about calling me 'Thomas' or 'Uncle Mas,' I prefer Uncle Mas, so I'm pushing him in that direction and pointing to Thomas the Train Engine every time he says Thomas.


Towards the end of the night, he curled up on my lap and we watched old school Mickey together. It's not something you can get on TV any more, so we watched several episodes off of Youtube on my iPhone. I also showed him how to press a few buttons so he could advance to the next episode on his own. It's amazing to see how quickly he picked up such an advanced technology like an iPhone so naturally. My parents are still figuring out theirs :-/


And so ends 08/28/10


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