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Hindsight 08/21/10 - Strawberries


After a nice walk with Robin and Milan, we met up with Suruchi at the local farmers market to pick up several items including a bunch of Strawberries.

While sampling some food from a Pakistani stand, a little kid stood to the side of us, where we set our Strawberries down, and started stealing them from us one by one. After a few grabs, he walked away.

We all saw him stealing, but he was already too far away to do much without a big scene over a few Strawberries. I was ready to throw down :-).

A couple minutes later, the kid came back to the same spot ready to steal some more. Before I had a chance to take the law into my own hands, Suruchi smiled at him and said, "Do you want a Strawberry?"

The kid responded no thanks and walked away. He never came back or bothered us the rest of the time we were there.

Force is one kind of punishment, kindness is another.

Pakistani dinner with my brother. Note the strawberries.



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