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Hindsight - 08/30/10 - Diaper Change

My journey towards fatherhood continued on this morning when Noah informed me that he had "dropped the kids off" in his diaper. No one else was around, so it was time for me to change a diaper on my own. I asked Noah (2 1/2) to help me as I'd never done it before. He held my hand and led me into his changing room, showed me which diapers were his verses his sister's, then laid down waiting for me to do the rest.

Days earlier, Annie mentioned to me 'back to front' for boys and 'front to back' for girls. With one hand I held his feet in the air, with the other hand I grabbed some wet-naps and began wiping back-to-front. He sure made a mess in his pants, but slowly everything returned back to a state of clean.

Last step was putting on the new diaper. I asked him which side was for his butt (again I'd never done this before). He pointed to a side, so I laid it down and strapped him in. All done!

A couple hours later, I'm sitting on the couch when I hear Annie ask from the other room, "Who put Noah's diaper on backwards?"


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