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Hindsight - 08/27/10 - Like

Annie and I bussed from NYC to Pittsburgh today with the popular bus company, Megabus. We left at 7am and arrived at 3:30pm. Round trip tickets can cost as little as $3. Crazy cheap, but what's even more amazing is every double decker bus is equipped with wifi and outlets for each seat. There's also plenty of leg room between the rows. Though it takes, all said and done, twice as long as flying, the ability to work the whole time with wifi easily makes it worth it. Thought the wifi wasn't perfect as it rapidly dropped in quality in rural areas.

We're spending the weekend with Annie's sister (Amy), brother-in-law (Aaron), and their two little ones, so there's sure to be plenty of pictures to post afterwards.

Before I close out the day, I noticed I'm starting to say the word "like" a lot as a filler in my sentences. I don't know where it came from, but now, like a weed, am trying to  'weed' it out and get back to not sounding like a teenage girl.


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