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Frustratingly Good At Just-In-Time [Self Insight]

I am frustratingly good at making a pretty good "product" last minute. The value in such a skill is I can be thrown into any situation and produce something with at least 80% quality without dying of stress. In fact, I'll stay level headed, and smiling, almost the entire time. The problem with such a skill is the pain point isn't high enough to force me to change my habit, so I continue to produce with a just-in-time mentality and reach only 80% each time. I'm not happy with 80%.

As I previously stated, being more proactive vs reactive is the key. Proactive is thinking past what today, or this week, looks like and incrementally working towards a goal verses doing everything last minute. Proactive is knowing what I want the outcome to be before going into a situation.

I'm consciously working on being proactive. If I worked in a bubble by myself, it would be a much easier fix. But I have co-workers, clients, associates, friends, family, etc. And each person I interact with has their own agenda and style. Finding how to remain proactive when those around me may, or may not be, is yet another skill for me to learn.


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