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Dance Floor Theory Training at U. of Akron [IMAGE]

For four years in a row, Kevin and I have fought over who gets to do the training at U. of Akron because their Emerging Leaders program is one of the best we've ever seen. Whether it's the program or the students in the program, it's always a great time. Glad I got to do it this year. Does any one at UA know what time it is?

The UA hotel is an old Quaker Oats Factory. Though this is the first year they stopped giving away free cookies :(

Dance Floor Theory at UA comes with a dance floor and lights!

Having some pre-training fun with the outgoing leaders. Clicker Wars!

Teamwork FTW!

I still don't know what this means...

Every break turned into a dance party.

I found heaven somewhere on the way home back to NYC.


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