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Hindsight - 08/25/10 - Family

I'm flying somewhere 35K feet above Nebraska on my way back to NYC after an extended weekend visiting my brother (Robin), sister-in-law (Suruchi), and nephew (Milan). Milan is almost 1 1/2 years old and due to geographic distances (NYC vs San Francisco) and work schedules, this is the first time I've been able to really spend some good quality time with him.

Many would consider me a fairly analytical person, but It was amazing how quickly I emotionally connected to Milan while we rolled around on the floor playing with his trucks, building blocks, and more trucks. I, just like his parents, found myself joyously smiling at the little things he would do like pucker his lips to kiss me good bye, or make the noise of a fire truck from his crib the first second he woke up, or wave his hands to let me know we shouldn't climb on the kitchen chairs.

This was also the first time I've been able to spend quality time with Robin and Suruchi since the birth of Milan. Every night after they put Milan to bed, Suruchi would prepare a wonderful meal and we'd sit around the kitchen table and talk for a few hours over some beer, wine, and dark chocolate. The nightly conversations were a combination of comparing habits between the Krieglstein brothers and lessons in fatherhood (which is not too far off).

In some ways, I feel like this trip was a bit of a self-journey for me on my way to fatherhood. Much like when I visited them for a week during college by myself. Something about "going west" adds a layer of magic.

As great as the trip was, my bruised (broken?) rib was a perpetual pain in my side the whole time and didn't let me play with Milan as much as I'd liked. It's still shooting a pain as I sit here writing.

I'm thankful to have such an amazing oldest brother and sister-in-law who created the cutest little boy who warmed my heart this weekend. I'm also thankful to come home to Annie who knows how to make me feel special every time I walk in the door.

And so ends 8/25/10


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