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Bu-Bye Firefox, Hu-Low Chrome

After our honeymoon phase, my relationship with Firefox turned into one of abuse with benefits. I loved the addons. The more I added, the harder I thought it would be to leave Firefox. But abuse, in the form of crashing and glitches, was constant.

Chrome kept flirting with me through blog posts and friend recommendations, but I was too committed to Firefox to ever think about leaving.

Then, and this is where the analogy gets awkward, my wife decided to switch from Firefox to Chrome. She quickly fell in love. Taking her cue, I snuck away from Firefox for a night and took Chrome on a date.

Chrome has built up an impressive, ever growing list of addons, including many of my Firefox favorites. Chrome loads pages lightning fast, doesn't crash, and so far hasn't had any glitches.

I've moved more and more of my life to the cloud, so having a powerful browser is important. Chrome is well on its way, for me, to becoming not just a browser, but my operating system.

Sorry Firefox, I've found a new love, but truly wish you well with your upcoming launch.

On a related note - I'd hate to be in a market where, in 3 hours, I can totally switch to a competitor.


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