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Accidentally Forcing Our Team To Be Reactive [Self Insight]

I want to be proactive in my work and life. 

A few weeks ago, I dedicated myself to being proactive by strategically mapping out my week, month, and quarter ahead of time. In doing so, my weeks are more effective, I'm focusing on what is most important, and I'm clearer on what needs to get done. All in all, I'm on the right track.

I've run into one problem however...

While I may have a great plan for my week, I'm forgetting to disseminate my plan to the rest of team ahead of time. So even though I'm more proactive in my work, I'm forcing those around me to be reactive because they won't know I assigned them work until the day it is due.

We have systems in place to coordinate the team (Basecamp, Highrise), but remembering to use the systems is the real key. 

Today I acknowledged to our logistics manager, Megan, that I was not supporting her in being proactive and promised to prompt her ahead of time of related work so she could prepare as well.

All in fun learning! I'll check back in in a few weeks to see how I'm doing.


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