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Revisiting APCA

APCA is hosting their annual NYC Leadership Conference this weekend and since I only work a few blocks from the Times Square conference headquarters, a drop by was in order.

I haven't attended any APCA conferences for over a year because Red Rover's growth has taken 100% of our resources. In 2008 and 2009 we did up to 80 trainings a year (160+ days on the road) and went to almost every APCA conference. This year we committed to only training with schools who are actively using Red Rover, or who we've previously worked with.

Looking back over the six years, APCA was my start. I had my first ed session at APCA with two attendees. I presented my first showcase at APCA with zero bookings. Ask any of the people who were there for my first showcase (Dave Leenhouts, Victor Collazo, or Boyd Jones) and you'll hear about how truly bad it was. William Hung anyone?

While I've moved on, the APCA community still warms a large part of my heart.

The APCA sense of community starts with the man in charge, Eric Lambert. I've never known someone to care so passionately about a business as he does. APCA is his, and his family's life. He cares about it, and its people like family. It shows in every business decision he makes and how he treats every presenter, even if you're brand new to the student activities market.

Eric was giving a keynote address while I snuck in the conference. The topic was love. His background as a comedian gives him a natural stage presence, but his content was spot on with his core beliefs. He rocked the keynote and left me, and the room, inspired to carry more love with us as we operated in life.

Looking back over my six year relationship with APCA, Eric has shown me a lot of love and support in growing my career. I do credit him with supporting me in the early years. Even now, as new speakers fill up the conference schedule, he shows the same level of support.

Hat tip to you Eric. Thanks.


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