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My Legacy

At the age of 125, Tom Krieglstein peacefully passed away last night, in his bed, due to natural causes. He may physically no longer be with us, but his impact on this world will be remembered for generations.

While most of his public legacies come from his work life, those who knew him the best, what he called his inner core, would tell you his most prized legacy was his relationship with his wife and family. To see Tom interact with his wife, was to know the meaning of love. His feeling of "lucky to be married to her" was an understatement. Until his death, Annie and Tom never stopped creating stories and learning to love each other in new and unique ways. Spend a weekend with his children and you'll see how the same values of compassion Tom learned from his parents, will be carried on into the next generation.

Tom's work is what most people will remember him for, and it's what brought him financial abundance, but you wouldn't know it because he consciously lived simple, took care of those around him, and gave the rest to causes he and his wife cared about. It was clear relationships and experiences mattered more than money.

Tom was only interested in working on "epic" projects that would do the most good for the most number of people. He saw the world as a collection of solutions waiting to be found. He started in education, and from there branched off into an amazing collection of fields and interests. While the topics largely differed, the goal was always the same, find the solutions that will do the most good for the most number of people.

Tom always pushed himself to tackle what didn't come easy and, in doing so, he continuously grew as a person. He never wasted a day and saw each day, and each person, as a chance to learn something new. No matter what time of year, Tom treated each day as if it were the first day of Spring. His smile, positive energy, focus, laughter, and charm were contagious.

Even on his death bed, Tom was smiling, knowing he was surrounded by love.


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