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Hearing The Other Side of Flashmobs

Improv Everywhere is known for creating scenes in public places. In other circles, their "scenes" are known as flashmobs. The idea being, a group of people come together at a specific time and perform a specific action together, seemingly unrelated to each other, but it's all actually beautifully orchestrated. We value flashmobs in our Dance Floor Theory Leadership Training as a way to produce positive confusion in a community.

Watching the story unfold from the side of Improv Everywhere gives me a sense of joy and happiness. But rarley do we get to hear the story unfold from the people on the other side, until now.

In the latest edition of This American Life, Ira Glass interviews not only the flashmobbers, but also the flashmobbees. Take 25 minutes to experience a flashmob from the other side (starts 15 mins in). I gained a greater insight in how Swift Kick can better pull off flashmobs in the future and appreciate the impact to all the involved players.


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