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The Buildings Are Nice, But Why Are You Building Them?

My Alma Mater, College of DuPage, is undergoing several massive construction projects. At the same time they are conserving money by cutting student services like library hours. I'd love to know the high level thinking on the projects because everyone I talk to about COD says, "The buildings look nice, but why are they building them?"

Swift Kick recently launched a "Web Technology for Parents" program with a corresponding subscription based coaching program. The idea stemmed from our "Web Technology for Educators" program in which one-third of the audience would say they attended for their job and two-thirds would say they attended because they had kids or grandkids. The audience response showed us the clear need for the newly launched program.

But, a need is not enough to create a new product. Our community needs lots of things. I have to ask myself the same question the employees at COD are asking, "The program looks really nice, but why are we doing it?" In asking, I get my answer.

Each new product is another building. Adding more buildings won't make us a stronger company unless they fit into our strategic vision which I think the parent program does.

Beyond the resources needed for test marketing, new products, done right, also require a set of dedicated resources to continue to grow. Because we're not Google, finding and securing those dedicated resources for the parent program are my challenges right now.


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