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IDEA: How Wal-Mart Can Increase Revenue and Help The World See Better

Wal-Mart's VisionCenter is the second largest optical retailer in the US with $1.3 billion in revenue in 2009. Not bad, but second place is no fun, so I have an idea to help the mega discount retailer generate even more revenue while helping more people see better.

I call it the "Checkout Eye Checkout."

Wal-Mart checkout lines are known to be long, which gives us shoppers ample time to look around for last minute impulse buying of candy, magazines, and lint removers. With a simple addition, Wal-Mart could give shoppers the option to check their vision while waiting in line and purchase an eye examine at checkout.

Here's how it works:

At the start of each checkout is a line taped to the floor that says "Look Up!" and then 20 feet in front of the line hanging down from the ceiling, is a sign that reads, "Blurry? You Need An Eye Exam." Then, at checkout you have the ability to buy an eye exam. Simple as that!

*Wal-Mart, please make a consulting check payable to Tom Krieglstein. Thank you.


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